December 4, 2013

This holiday season, Moët & Chandon dresses champagne bottle in festive finery

Moet & Chandon celebrates this holiday season with the Jeroboam Golden Dust and The Golden Glimmer. Yes, as the names suggest, gold is the name of the game for the premium champagne maker this season. The Jeroboam Golden Dust is a majestic three-litre bottle of Moet Imperial champagne that has had its exterior covered in an extravagant dusting of gold. The limited edition bottle is inspired by the dust that gathers on the bottles while they are aging in Moet & Chandon’s cellars in Epernay, France.

Though smaller and not coated with gold, The Golden Glimmer, has just as much glamour as the Jeroboam Golden Dust. Moet & Chandon has reinvented the traditional gift package, with a specially crafted insulated box. The golden gift box, containing a bottle of Moet Imperial, is adorned with a diamond pattern that gives it a grandiose quality.

Both the Jeroboam Golden Dust and The Golden Glimmer will be available starting this November.

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