May 9, 2013

Swarovski’s Nirvana Collection

To celebrate the world’s largest cinematographic gathering, the shining star amongst Swarovski’s jewellery and accessories lines, the Nirvana collection is the main theme explored for 2013. The 66th Cannes Film Festival will mark the unveiling of Swarovski’s 2013 VIP exclusive package.

Produced as a limited edition of only 93 pieces, a symbolic number that stands for the number of precision-cut facets of the Nirvana ring, this special set comes in a precious blue box that sparkles with each recipient’s crystallized initials. 

Swarovski has the pleasure of making 18 pieces of the Nirvana Star Bag and the Carrie Sunglasses exclusively available as limited online editions for fashionistas buying from the Swarovski online shop.

As in past years, Swarovski will be ready to present an outstanding collection of accessories and jewellery in Cannes at the exclusive suite at the Hotel Martinez. This year, the Nirvana ring takes centre stage through a dedicated decoration, highlighted by a giant resin and metal-plated model of the groundbreaking ring, to be placed in the middle of the suite, like an altar for the world’s fashionistas and trendsetters.

Guests to the suite are sure to find the accessory of their dreams in this room: couture pieces, exclusive bags from the 2013 “Red Carpet” collection, vintage and contemporary jewellery, as well as the latest creations from the designers of the Atelier Swarovski collection. No fewer than 2,000 unique pieces are presented at Cannes to unite the magic of crystal with the most beautiful silhouettes.

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For more information please visit: Swarovski website

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