March 4, 2013

Louis Vuitton Escale á Paris Jewelry Collection

It hasn’t been long since Louis Vuitton opened a high end jewelry store in Place Vendome, but the respective store is absolutely blooming. It has now received a brand new series of jewelry – we’re introducing the Escale á Paris, part of the L’Ame du Voyage (Love of Travel) Collection.

The jewelry designs are a tribute to the romantic capital of France, and feature traits that illustrate lavish French boulevards and the lovely streets of Paris, all of which include glamorous white and colored diamonds. Pieces from the collection include the Jardin ring, Jardin earrings, Vendome collar necklace, LV Place Vendome bangle, the Fontaine necklace, and many others.

  The Louis Vuitton Place Vendome bangle

  The Jardin ring by Louis Vuitton from the Escale á Paris high

The Vendome collar necklace that shimmers in white and yellow diamonds with a central diamond cut in Louis Vuitton’s flower shape.

 The stunning Fontaine necklace by Louis Vuitton from the Escale á Paris high jewellery collection.

  The spectacular Champs Elysees necklace by Louis Vuitton

  Jardin Earrings by Louis Vuitton

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